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 Long ago, lots of lotus flowers grew in a pond. One day, a group of butterflies came that way.

“Look at these lovely lotuses! we can suck lots of nectar from them!”

The butterlflies happily flew to the lotuses. Suddenly, they heard a loud, buzzing sound. A group of bees were flying around the butterflies. “Go away! These are our flowers! No one else can suck nectar from these flowers,” They shouted. The poor butterflies flew away. When they saw this, the lotus flowers decided to teach the selfish bees a lesson. The next day, the bees came back to suck nectar from the lotuses. When they sat on the flowers, the lotuses closes their petals. All the bees were tropped in darkness, inside the flowers! Help! Help! The frightened bees called out loudly. When they heard this, the lotuses opened their petals, and the bees flew aways. “Come on, frieneds....” The lotuses then called the butterflies, who flew back to them. “Don’t worry! The Bees won’t come here again,” the flowers said. From the day, no one ever disturbed the butterflies when they came to the pond looking for nectar.
Updated on: 06 Jun 2016