Friendship’s value is beyond words. It is the most beautiful art in the life of a man. It motivates him to survive in all conditions, to tolerate ups and downs and bear success. Friendship plays an important in the life of every individual.

 Friendship is a treasure that God has imparted to us. If you have no friends, it means that your life is worth nothing or blank. Renowned astrophycist Stephen Hawking says, “When I was paralysed, my friends gave me the spirit to keep on going. Their power was equal as that of God’s. That made me realise the importance of friendship....”

Many great personalities gained victory through their friend’s motivation. Bill Gates, one of the world’s richest men, worked hard with his childhood friend, Paul Allen. That enabled him to do extra ordinary things. Likewise, the British Poet Laureate William Wordsworth was accompanied by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, his best buddy.This is a great example of friendship’s value.

Friends are inter-related for their lives. A person  can be judjed by the company he has.It never sets,it only rises.A friend can influence a person’s life too. Getting rid of friends is like cutting the branch of the tree you are sitting upon.True friends never get divided because of their true friendship. God Almighty showers blessings upon he who loves his friends and fellow men.


Let this friendship day set with a pledge that we will be friends forever.So friend, remember  them in your prayers.... 

Updated on: 05 Aug 2015